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The June Valli Single & EPs Collection: 1951 – 62

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Number of Discs: 3
No. of Tracks: 83


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Disc 1: Now, Now, Now; Always, Always; Cry; The Three Bells; So Madly In Love; Strange Sensation; Mighty Lonesome Feelin'; Taboo; A Shoulder To Weep On; Why Don't You Believe Me; Congratulations To Someone; Love & Hate; Brass Ring Love; Many Are The Times; Crying In The Chapel; Love Every Moment You Live; Mystery Street; Don't Forget To Write; Old Shoes & A Bag Of Rice; The Gypsy Was Wrong; I Understand; Love, Tears & Kisses; Tell Me, Tell Me; Boy Wanted; Tell It To Me Again; Young & Foolish

Disc 2: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong; Old Pappy Time; Unchained Melody; Tomorrow; Oh My Love; A Kiss Like Yours; The Things They Say; Por Favor; Oh What A Day; Don't Tell Me Not To Love You; Madonna In Blue; While There's Time; From The Wrong Side Of Town; Sleepy Head; Shangri-La; I've Got Something In My Eye; Beauty Isn't Everything; Now; One For My Baby; Bill; All Alone; I Get Along Without You Very Well; Stormy Weather; You've Got Me Crying; I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good; Don't Take Your Love From Me; Body & Soul

Disc 3: My Man; Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; But Not For Me; Strictly Sentimental; Will You Love Me Still; Baby Come Home; Open Your Arms; Bring Back My Love; Shake Hands With A Fool; Dance With Me; La Santa Venuta; The Wedding; Lunch Hour; Answer To A Maiden's Prayer; Bygones; An Anonymous Letter; You Were Meant For Me; Shadows; My Darling, My Darling; Apple Green; Oh Why; I'll Step Aside; Looking At The World; Borrowed Kisses; Weep For Me Lover; Guess Things Happen That Way; Tell Him For Me; The World We Love In; Hush Little Baby; I'm Afraid