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Tex Williams: The Capitol Years 1946-51

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Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 54
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Disc 1: The California Polka; Rose Of The Alamo; I Got Texas In My Soul; The Leaf Of Love; Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette); Roundup Polka; Big Bass Polka; Cowboy Polka; Miss Molly; That’s What I Like About The West; Downtown Poker Club; Never Trust A Woman; What It Means To Be Blue; Don’t Telephone, Don’t Telegraph, Tell A Woman; Blue As A Heart Ache; Artistry In Western Swing; Happy Birthday Polka; Suspicion; Flo From St. Joe Mo; Banjo Polka; Pretty Red Lights; Who? Me?; Foolish Tears; Just A Pair Of Blue Eyes; Talking Boogie; Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don’t It?; Big Hat Polka


Disc 2: The Traveling Salesman Polka; Old Paint's Complaint; Hurry, Don't Delay; I Cried Myself To Sleep; You Broke Your Promise; Castle Of My Dreams; Johnstown Polka; Ham & Eggs; A & E Rag; Rakes Of Mallow; Hot Pretzels; Cotton Eyed Joe; Bluebird On Your Window Sill; Crocodile Tears; The Winter Song; With Men Who Know Tobacco Best (It's Women Two To One); Three Little Girls In Blue; Great Big Needle; Birmingham Bounce; Wild Card; Don't Make Love To Mary; Tulsa Trot; She Didn't Even Kiss Me Goodbye; I Lost My Gal From Memphis; Good Night Cincinnati; Black Strap Molasses (Wheat Germ Bread); I Want To Be Near You (You're The One, The One)