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Jean Shepard: A Dear John Letter: The Singles Collection 1953-62

MSRP: $17.98
SKU: 95567
Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 60


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Disc 1: Crying Steel Guitar Waltz; Twice The Lovin'; A Dear John Letter; I'd Rather Die Young; Forgive Me, John; My Wedding Ring; The Glass That Stands Beside You; Let's Kiss And Try Again; Two Whoops & A Holler; Why Did You Wait?; You'll Come Crawlin' Back; Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man; Please Don't Divorce Me; Don't Rush Me; Did You Tell Her About Me; You Sent Her An Orchid; Take Possession; A Satisfied Mind; I Thought Of You; Beautiful Lies; This Has Been Your Life; I Learned It All From You; You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again; He Loved Me Once & He'll Love Me Again; Just Give Me Love; Thank You Just The Same; Tomorrow I'll Be Gone; If You Can Walk Away; Under Suspicion

Disc 2: The Other Woman; It Scares Me Half To Death; Act Like A Married Man; You're Just The Kind Of Guy; I Used To Love You; He's My Baby; Secrets Of Life; Just Another Girl; I Want To Go Where No One Knows Me; I'll Take The Blame; Have Heart, Will Love; Jeopardy; Better Love Next Time;  Heartaches, Teardrops & Sorrow; Sweetheart Don't Come Back; The One You Slip Around With; The Mysteries Of Life; How Do I Tell It To A Child; Lonely Little World; For The Children's Sake; The Root Of Evil (Is A Man); No One Knows; How Long Does It Hurt; If You Were Losing Him To Me; The Biggest Cry; Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces; Your Conscience Or Your Heart; It's Never Too Late; One Less Heartache; It's Torture; I've Learned To Live With You (And Be Alone)