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The Chad Mitchell Trio: Arrives! In Action & More

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Tina; Chevaliers; Walkin' On The Green Grass; Sweet Mary Jo; Pretty Saro; Sally Ann; Up On The Mountain; Paddy; I Do Adore Her; Paddy West; Gallows Tree; Hey Nanine; Vaya Con Dios (Live); The Ballad Of Herbie Spear (Live); Devil Road (Live); Vaichazkem (Vayiven Uziaho) (Live); The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud (Live); Leave Me If You Want To; Green Grow The Lilacs; The Story Of Alice Part 1; The Ides Of Texas (And Don't Fence Me In); Alice Revisited; The Ballad Of The Greenland Whalers; Alice: Sequel; Blowin' In The Wind; Adios Mi Corazon; Run Run Run; My Guitar; Me Voy Pa Bete; One Day When I Was Lost (Easter Morn)