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Rose Maddox: Sing A Little Song of Heartache – Solo Singles 1953-62

MSRP: $17.98
SKU: 96001
Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 58


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Disc 1: The Nightingale Song; I'd Rather Die Young; I'm A Little Red Caboose (On The Choo-Choo Train Of Love); Wasted Years; Kiss Me Like Crazy; Just One More Time; Birthday Card Song (The Card That You Sent On My Birthday); Breathless Love; Marry Me Again; Poor Little Heartbroken Rose; Waltz Of The Pines; Life That You've Led; I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way; There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong; Wild, Wild Young Men; Second Choice; Humming Bird; Words Are So Easy To Say; Wild Wind; Was There A Teardrop; Hasty Baby; When The Sun Goes Down; Tall Men; Hey Little Dreamboat; Burrito Jo; False Hearted; Looky There Over There; Your Sweet Mean Heart

Disc 2: Take A Gamble On Me; 1-2-3-4 Anyplace Road (Somewhere USA); I'll Go Steppin' Too; Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me; Gambler's Love; What Makes Me Hang Around; Custer's Last Stand; My Little Baby; Lost Today; I'm Happy Every Day I Live; Please Help Me I'm Falling; Down, Down, Down; Shining Silver Gleaming Gold; Billy Cline; I Want To Live Again; Kissing My Pillow; Mental Cruelty; Loose Talk; Conscience I'm Guilty; Lonely Street; There Ain't No Love; Your Kind Of Lovin' Won't Do; Here We Go Again; Fool Me Again; Let's Pretend We're Strangers; Take Me Back Again; Sing A Little Song Of Heartache; Tie A Ribbon In The Apple Tree; Honky-Tonkin'; Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me