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Poco: Sony/BMG A's & B's

MSRP: $21.98
SKU: 95912
Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 32


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Disc 1: Pickin' Up The Pieces; First Love; My Kind Of Love; Hard Luck; You Better Think Twice; Anyway Bye Bye; Keep On Believin'; C'mon; I Guess You Made It; Just For Me & You; Ol' Forgiver; Railroad Days; You Are The One; A Good Feelin' To Know; Early Times

Disc 2: Blue Water; Magnolia; And Settlin' Down; Go & Say Goodbye; I Can See Everything; Here We Go Again; Fool's Gold; Rocky Mountain Breakdown; Faith In The Families; High & Dry; Bitter Blue; Call It Love; Lovin' You Every Minute; Nothin' To Hide; If It Wasn't For You; The Nature Of Love; When It All Began