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Ferlin Husky: The Singles Collection 1951-62

MSRP: $19.98
SKU: 94421
Number of Discs: 3
No. of Tracks: 80
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Disc 1: Tennessee Central (Number Nine); I Want You So; Time; Are You Afraid?; Gone; Undesired; My Foolish Heart; Hank's Song; I'll Never Have You; I've Got A Woman's Love; Watch The Company You Keep; I Lost My Heart Today; Minnie Ha-Cha; A Dear John Letter; You Die A Thousand Deaths; How Much Are You Mine?; Forgive Me John; I Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like You're Treating Me; Walkin' & Hummin'; Let's Kiss & Try Again; Eli The Camel; Somebody Lied; Each Time You Leave (I Die A Little); The Drunken Driver; Homesick; King Of A Lonely Castle


Disc 2: Very Seldom, Frequently Ever; I Feel Better All Over (More Than Anywhere's Else); Little Tom; My Gallina; I'll Baby Sit With You; She's Always There (When I Come Home); Don't Blame The Children; Saith The Lord; Dear Mister Brown; I'll Be Here For A Lifetime; A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards; Slow Down Brother; Aladdin's Lamp; Muki Ruki; Bob Cat Bop; Gone; Missing Persons; A Fallen Star; Prize Possession; This Moment Of Love; Make Me Live Again; What'cha Doin' After School; Wang Dang Doo; Terrific Together; The Kingdom Of Love; I Saw God; I Feel That Old Heartache Again


Disc 3: All Of The Time; I Will; Country Music Is Here To Stay; Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth; My Reason For Living; Wrong; Draggin' The River; Sea Sand; Morgan Poisoned The Water Hole; Black Sheep; I'll Always Return; Wings Of A Dove; Next To Jimmy; Country Music Fiddler; Enormity In Motion; Cuzz You're So Sweet; Before I Lose My Mind; Open Up The Book & Take A Look; Willow Tree; Out Of A Clear Blue Sky; The Waltz You Saved For Me; Somebody Save Me; Just Another Lonely Night; Stand Up; It Scares Me; It Was You; Near You