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Bob Newhart: The Complete Albums 1960 – 1962

SKU: 93017
Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 25
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Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue; The Cruise Of The U.S.S. Codfish; Merchandising The Wright Brothers; The Khrushchev Landing Rehearsal; Driving Instructor; Nobody Will Ever Play Baseball; Automation And A Private In Washington's Army; The Grace L. Ferguson Airline (And Storm Door Co.); Bus Drivers School; Retirement Party; An Infinite Number Of Monkeys; Ledge Psychology; Rocket Scientist; Tourist Meets Khrushchev; The Uncle Freddie Show; TV Commercials; The Seven Lost Cities Of The Incas; Herb Philbrick - Counter Spy; The African Movie; Introducing Tobacco To Civilization; The Siamese Cat; Defusing A Bomb; A Friend With A Dog; General Chariot Corp.; The Hold Out Huns