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Buck Owens: The Warner Bros. Recordings

MSRP: $21.98
SKU: 94547
Number of Discs: 2
No. of Tracks: 41
Qty in Stock: 11
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Disc 1: We're Gonna Build A Fire; Child Support; Lady Madonna; Hollywood Waltz; Rain On Your Parade; It's Been A Long, Long Time; John Law; Ozark Mountain Lullaby; Love Don't Make The Bars; California Okie; Let The Good Times Roll; Cinderella; Our Old Mansion; He Don't Deserve You Anymore; Texas Tornado; Let Me Touch You; Feel Good Again; A Different Kind Of Sad; How Come My Dog Don't Bark; World Famous Paradise Inn; You're Gonna Need A Doctor


Disc 2: Nights Are Forever Without You; When I Need You; Do You Wanna Make Love; Season Of My Heart; Play Together Again Again; Hangin' In & Hangin' On; Sweet Molly Brown's; Let Jesse Rob The Train; Victim Of Life's Circumstances; Love Is A Warm Cowboy; I Don't Want To Live In San Francisco; Moonlight & Magnolia; Nickels & Dimes; Without You; I Just Want To See You Again; Massachusetts; Keep Me From Blowing Away; I've Been Loving You Too Long; There Must Be Something About Me That She Loves; Streets Of Bakersfield